30th September 2019 Nene Valley Astro Attack

Nene Valley Astro Attack

Coop, John and Chris travelled to Northampton at the weekend to take part in the Nene Valley Astro Attack which is an annual event run by Nene Valley to raise money for charity – this year’s charity was the  Alzheimer’s Society.     The Track is Astro turf and is suitable for 1:8 and 1:5  scale. […]

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28th July 2019 Round 9  NitroXcross

Round 9 NitroXcross

Some of the Team headed off to Blackpool for Rounds 9 and 10 of the NitroXcross series – unfortunately the weather was against us, so below is a lighthearted write-up from John aka “Tolstoy” and also, for a change, a write up from one of the Pitcrew. John Round 9 This week would see us […]

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